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No luck on the dating home front…greener passages elsewhere?

(Part 1)Wow…I got this crazy idea from a friend of mine about date women from other countries. I read a book on another  guy’s experience, and even though I originally scoffed at these ideas, I was now feeling pursuaded to give it a try. I decided that latin women would be more to my liking because they had a much higher probability of living real Christian values, then lets say ‘Russian women’. Russian women, according to this author are more likely to be ‘gold diggers’ or after citizenship. Russian women are very attractive, but so are many latino girls. After deciding that latino girls were my target, I learned from research that certain countries has that were more dangerous and least touristy were also home to the most authentic faith’s. However, the obvious drawback is that it is dangerous to meet them. Women from more domestic and tourist friendly nations were much less dangerous, but also more likely to use their looks to manipulate a guy into marriage for the sake of citizenship. So, after realizing that their were 3 tiers, I chose a country in the 2nd tier, bought some contact for a handful of promising women’s profiles. I chatted with one almost immediately on email, and then quickly to skype. However, after several conversations, although very skilled in the English language, she seemed to avoid any questions of mine about her testimony. This seemed to be going nowhere.  After a few weeks she sent me a note saying that she had met someone. I was disappointed but knew that I wasn’t feeling very connected with her anyway.

After a few more very brief contacts, I started chatting online with another latino girl who was just getting back from her Australian travels. At first it was slow going, and she was somewhat obstinate as she she kept questioning why a good looking guy like me was on this sight. she admitted that she was suspicious my motives were sleezy. She became upset with me a few times because I didn’t call exactly when I said I would. However, the bright side about her was that she was open about sharing her testimony, and seemed genuinely interested in my spiritual faith testimony.  We talked about meeting over Christmas, as I had holidays, but this tentitive planned disappeared as we both appeared to have cold feet about taking this step. I knew it would cost me at least 3000.00 dollars, and quality time I normally gave to my family.

Suprisingly, after Christmas, she continued to contact me again. This time there seemed to be a much more welcoming spirit coming from her, and she seemed to trust my motives. Each conversation seemed to get better, and deeper about testimony and life experiences. After over 6 months of regular phone chatting through skype, we agreed to meet each other. I made some special arrangements, and stretched a longweekend into 4 days. I bought my plane tickets. I was finally going to meet her!  A few things had to fall into place to make this visit possible…and they did. I discerned that I was taking a good step.

The final week before leaving was nerve wrecking. I couldn’t figure out what to pack, and obsessed over this enough to lose sleep. I was really nervous. I was fianlly going to meet Sofi, or so i thought. I had some concerns about this as I had heard some very worrisome stories. I prayed a lot that week to God. He spoke to me and said, “If it is meant to work it will work”, and that this trip may be more about something God wants to show me during this travel it. This realization took the pressure off thinking I had to be and look perfect. God was large and in charge, and would guide my path.  This was going to be an amazing trip” no matter what”.   (part 2 is coming!)

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